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How it works.....

Typically, we set out to harvest our family's olive groves in the Maremma in November.  No huge machines, no tree shakers, just tradtional techniques using nets and a "rastrello".  After the olives are harvested, we make sure they get to the olive mill immedietly. After the oil is extracted, we let the oil settle in several large stainless containers for a few weeks.  This is the un-filtered part.   In January, we start bottling and labelling, which takes about a month.  Once everything is ready to get shipped, we build the pallets and off they go!   If all goes as planned, by March 1st, your olive oil should be on the boat and heading for the Americas! 
You can expect FedEx delivery for mid April.

Like last year, we will be doing a recurring payment.  You will be charged initally (in DECEMBER) for your deposit of $50/bag-in-box and then again in March for the remaining balance ($50/bag-in-box, SHIPPING INCLUDED.  Please be aware that the deadline is December 1st, we don't want anybody to miss out.  We'll try hard to keep posting reminders as the closing date nears.

Thanks again for your support and interest in our products,

Jody and Luisa   

Please, fill out one of this forms and email it back to us.