We have dedicated our farm to preserving traditional Tuscan cheese making and the art of regional cuisine of the Maremma, a special region along the southern rim of Toscana.
Our cheeses are hand made every step of the way, from milk collection to the final stage of maturation.

At Dancing Ewe Farm, we only specialize in Pecorino.  Our techniques derived specifically from a region in Tuscany called "the Maremma".  Within our selection of Pecorino, which literally translates to cheese made with sheep's milk, you will find 4 different tastes, plus our Ricotta. 
PECORINO FRESCO- aged for two months.  This is the simpliest cheese we produce allowing the true flavor and terroir be present.

PECORINO aL TARTUFO- aged for two months.  This is a classic Tuscan delight with the complimentory hint of Black Summer Truffles.  Our Truffles come from a small family owned company in Grosetto, Italy.  Where the truffles actually come from is a huge secret!

PECORINO STAGIONATO- this cheese has the capability to age from 6 months to a year.  Pairs wonderfully with fig marmalde, or honey.  

PECORINO RISERVA-  This is our longest aged cheese maturing beyond two years.  Big, bold taste, to be shaved onto salads, or enjoyed with a plate of Salumi and a glass of Morellino di Scansano.

RICOTTA-technically a whey product.  Our ricotta is made from 95% whey and about 5% whole milk reserved from that mornings milking.   Hands down our most versitle product we produce.  

On occasion, we also produce other types of cheeses with our sheep's milk, such as Pecorino alle Vinacce and Pecorino Bianco.  

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Cheese processing room
Aging room
Jody in the Cheese house
Whey to make Ricotta
Pecorino Stagionato aging
Ricotta ready to ladel off
Jody tying Pecorino alle Vinacce
Opened wheel of Pecorino Riserva
Pecorino al Tartufo, photo taken from our dear friend Gina Depalma
Ricotta at the market in NYC
A display of our cheeses at the market
Ricottina, liitle baskets of ricotta
One of our "on occasion cheeses"!
Wheels of Pecorino Satgionato, taken from our close friend Gina Depalma
Pecorino Fresco, with a couple cherries
open wheel f Pecorino alle Vinacce
Pecorino at Tatufo at the market
Cheese freshly made in a mold
Pecorino Stagionato aging
a few wheels caciotta freshly washed
Pecorino Fresco
Pecorino Riserva
A beautiful display of cheeses in Orvieto, Italy
Pecorino Stagionato at the market
Ricoota at a James Beard dinner, hosted by our friends Caleb and Deirdra from Pane e Salute in Woodstock Vermont.A w
A wheel of Pecorino Stagionato
Freshly made pecorino fresco
a wheel of pecorino tucked inside a wrap of grape skins