Finally!!!!  After years of preparation, after years of searching for loans, and after years of practice, we can finally present to you our beginning line–up of cured meats. 
Currently, we have available Cacciatorini, which are little aged sausages.  We have Capocollo, made from the pork loin. Our Pancetta is available in whole slabs or half pound squares, about 2 inches thick. We also make Bresaola, from the beef eye-round, seasoned with Salt, Black Pepper and Garlic.
We're experimenting with different style salamies: Finocchiona, Salame Milanese, Salame Toscano.
For fresh products we make Merguez (Lamb sausage) and 4 types of Pork Sausage: Rosmarino (with Rosemary), Morellino (Basic recipe with red wine), Tartufo (with Black Truffles) and Sartuccio (with Potatoes).
You can find our cured meats at the farmers market, and we will also ship whatever we have available.  Because our production is small, it’s best to email us to check availability at that particular time. To maintain consistent quality and taste from the best meat and ingredients available, our production will be limited. 

Our first few forms of Capocollo sliced
Our Capocollo aging
Our Salsiccia Stagionata "Cacciatorini
A  few forms of Pancetta hanging on top and a few forms of capocollo hanging in the aging room
Pancetta aging
Before and after of capocollo
sausage making
The first prosciutto made with Raffaella, Luisa's mother.
Salsiccia 101
Hand sliced capocollo
Capocollo aging
Capocollo aging
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