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It all started late August, of 2009, when Luisa’s Aunt, “Zia Reda”, showed up at our door with an overfilled basket of perfectly ripe figs.  We gazed into this mound for several moments wondering how we would ever eat all of these little gems without the major part of them going bad.  Two weeks before we had an “Aperitivo” at our farm and served our Caciotta with a fig marmalade we found in a store in New York City.  In a matter of seconds we both looked at each other with the same exact idea.  Luisa called her mother, as always and asked “Mamma, come si fa…?”  So, every evening we harvested a bunch of figs and prepared them for the following morning.  Our particular area in southern Tuscany, in late summer is extremely dry and arid which gives rise to preserves that are naturally sweet.  No preservatives or additives are added, maintaining the art of Tuscany…pure and simple.