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Wines by the case of 6 bottles

2017 Wine List:
Parmoleto: 4th year running on our line-up, and holding their own. Parmoleto has been built with blood, sweat and tears! They're a small family farm that diversified like we have. Originally, a hog operation then came a few rooms for their agriturismo, and then the wines. Like most small family farms today, it's difficult to stay alive only producing what you started out with, possibly one main product. This Mom and Pop, two sons, and a couple rogue chickens continue to spread their expertise in all three spokes of this family farm. Their wines are awesome... Everybody has enjoyed them tremendously at our farm dinners and often request a bottle to go home with. 
Inciucio: White Sparkling, Charmat Lungo. 100% Sangiovese. Super unique, super crisp, and perfect for an aperitivo!  
Sormonno: Sangiovese, Cabernet Sauvignon, Montepulciano d’Abruzzo. Arguably, one of the best wines we have on our program! One of Jody's Favorites!!! Perfect for a relaxing glass or paired with a dinner.

Peteglia: This is our 3rd year to bring you wines from Marco Peteglia...And, it looks like he has earned his spot on our line-up for many years to come. Keep your eye out for his 100% Vermentino, awesome! Anyway, Marco is dripping with passion for his craft, has super attention to detail, and has the ability to produce a really well balanced wine. Especially noted for his pure varietal tradition. Not to mention he and his family are really great people. I'm positive, Marco will get picked up by an enormous US importer soon and the rest will be history. Until then, enjoy every drop of this small family farm's efforts.
Vermentino: 100% Vermentino. Serve nice-n-cold...One of our best examples of a pure varietal. 
Rosato: 100% Sangiovese. But processed as white, resulting in a Rose'. Simply delicious. Here in our area, the Maremma, it seems like everybody is producing a Rosato! Marco was one of the first. Clean, crisp, and perfect for an aperitivo
Rosso: 100% Sangiovese. 18 months in oak. Amazing wine for the price, especially for everyday. 
Sangiovese Riserva: 100% Sangiovese. One of the best Riserva on our list. Period. And, a perfect example of a pure varietal, but produced in the northern rim of the Maremma, which offers a different taste profile than a Morellino from the Scansano region.

Roccapesta: Has been on our list from the beginning, as many of you are well aware of. These wines are absolute favorites in this region of Italy. Every good enoteca in the Maremma will have a couple of wines from Roccapesta, including Masca. These wines are like drinking silk...I can't say enough about this winery...But I don't need to as they have won, "Best Morellino of the year" award, two times running! With a base of 85% Sangiovese, typical of Morellino, these wines are also cut to perfection with Petite Verdot, Ciliegiolo, Alicante and Syrah... This lends these wines to be enjoyed alone as an aperitivo, a relaxing glass of wine by the fire, or with a pasta dish.  
Masca: Sangiovese, Petit Verdot, Syrah. Excellent every day.
Calestaia: 100% Sangiovese. This is the wine that won everything in the area. This wine never touches stainless steel. The fermentation and maturity, all take place in massive oak casks. If had to compare, I would put this “ivy Leaguer” next to any Brunello, on any day of the week. In years past it was out of our budget, but thanks to you and your support we decided to bring it back for the second time this year.

Mantellassi: This winery has been with us from the beginning, and there are few really good reasons for it. Quality, honest, value. Riccardo Pecchioli has been at the helm for over 10 years. He has worked in several local wineries, certified to the top position within the "AIS", Associazione Italiana Sommelier, and knows more about varietal origins than anybody in the area. He simply knows wines. The "azienda" he works for is a family operation, although large in infrastructure and technically advanced, you will always find the two brothers who own the place working side by side with the small work force.  
Sasso Bianco: Trebbiano, Vermentino, Sauvignon blanc.This is our white work horse! It's everything you would want in a everyday white for the summer. Super "profumato and fruttoso" are the words Riccardo would use to describe this crowd pleaser. 
Punton Del Sorbo: 100% Cabernet Sauvignon.This happens to be one of Luisa's favorites from Mantellassi, as she prefers wines slightly aged in oak. This beauty is a great choice to serve with a pasta dish or offered as an aperitivo.
Querciolaia: 100% Alicante. Once upon a time this was my absolute favorite! Relatively unique, great bold flavor, but smooth going down! This is a really nice offer for those of you who enjoy a wine aged in oak. 
Sentinelle: 85% Sangiovese and 15% Alicante-This wine balances on the Riserva/everyday wine. I would refer to this gem as a "cross-over", in a pinch can be served with dinner, an aperitivo, or a come home from work and pour yourself a glass to relax with.

Fattoria Montauto: Located in Manciano, the village where Luisa calls home.  
Bianco: Vermentino 80%- Malvasia 20%. Absolutely an awesome everyday white. Especially on those warm afternoons…
Gessaia: Sauvignon Blanc. Hands down, Luisa’s favorite white at the moment! Perfect in every way…
Enos I: Sauvignon Blanc. Winner of the gold medal for Best Sauvignon Blanc 2016.  
Rosso: Ciliegiolo 80%- Sangiovese 20%.The red counterpart to Montauto’s Bianco. This is a wine that will take some time to get tired of. Another thought that comes to mind is “crowd-pleaser”. Everybody who had the chance to try it at our farm loved this wine.
Metodo Classico: Sangiovese, method Champenoise, in bottle with yeast for 2 years. No short cuts with this beauty! Done right is the only thing to say…If you have a special occasion, this is the bottle to reach for…

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